An Introduction to Human Rights, Media and Campaigning in the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Israel/Palestine, Training
Promises: a six week development education course The Israel-Palestine Conflict is one of the most long running and misunderstood conflicts of modern times. Investigating its history and portrayal in the media, and using human rights law as an analytical tool, this course will untangle what the issues are and provide paths for participants to affect positive change.  Using development education methodologies this course will challenge opinions and appeal to those interested in human rights, activism and conflict studies. Faciliatator: Richard Irvine, co-ordinator of The Palestine Education Initiative, lecturer at Queen's University and former Education Officer of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign   Previous participants said: “The course really deconstructed the conflict from a human rights perspective and enabled me to view it from a less emotionally-driven point of view”.  “I feel…
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Development Education Day on Palestine and Israel

Training Events - Belfast: Saturday 19th May, Peace House, 224 Lisburn Road, Belfast Dublin: Saturday 9th June, Irish Aid Centre, 27-31 Upper O’Connell Street, Dublin Programme: 10:00 - 11:30 First Session: Welcome to Palestine and a brief history. This session will introduce participants to the land, culture, economics and geography of Palestine and Israel before going on to outline the two narratives underpinning the Conflict. This session aims to introduce participants to the reality that the region is more than the Conflict while at the same time introducing some key perspectives that will enable understanding for the people on either side. Facilitators: Freda Hughes and Richard Irvine 11:50 - 1:30 Second Session: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Case Studies from Palestine. This session will introduce participants to the…
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RAUS International Conference In Bonn For A Self – Determined Afghanistan

Afghanistan, Campaigns, Training
Mairead Maguire and Ann Paterson attend RAUS International Conference In Bonn -Decemeber 2011. In December Mairead and I attended the RAUS international conference in Bonn for a self -determined Afghanistan. The conference brought together some amazing people who got together and looked at how best to support the people of Afghanistan. Mairead opened the conference with a speech that called for a world without war, she said the people of Afghanistan had suffered enough and they had a right to self determation, Mairead also called that NATO should be disbanded. We were priviliged to listen to a young women from Afghanistan,Malali Joya she is the youngest member of parliament, and to hear about the work she is doing trying to get the voices of women heard,this was inspring as we…
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