An Introduction to Human Rights, Media and Campaigning in the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Promises: a six week development education course

The Israel-Palestine Conflict is one of the most long running and misunderstood conflicts of modern times. Investigating its history and portrayal in the media, and using human rights law as an analytical tool, this course will untangle what the issues are and provide paths for participants to affect positive change.  Using development education methodologies this course will challenge opinions and appeal to those interested in human rights, activism and conflict studies.

Faciliatator: Richard Irvine, co-ordinator of The Palestine Education Initiative, lecturer at Queen’s University and former Education Officer of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign


Previous participants said:

“The course really deconstructed the conflict from a human rights perspective and enabled me to view it from a less emotionally-driven point of view”.

 “I feel that I am now able to debate this issue with someone with confidence”.

 “I have a greater awareness of human rights”


Begins Monday 16th September, 6:30-8:00

Venue: The Peace People, 224 Lisburn Road, Belfast, BT9 6GE

Cost £60

To enrol contact the Palestine Education Initiative at