Genocide In Myanmar/Burma

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All Welcome To The Peace House An Evening With Dr Zarni - Thursday 12th April 7-9pm Looking At Genocide In Myanmar/Burma   Dr Zarni is a scholar, educator and human rights activist with 30-years of involvement in the Burmese political affairs, Zarni has been denounced as an "enemy of the State" for his opposition to the Myanmar genocide. He is the co-author (with Natalie Brinham) of the first-academic study of Rohingya persecution using the genocide framework, “The Slow Burning Genocide of Myanmar's Rohingyas” (Pacific Rim Law and Policy Journal, Spring 2014), and more recently, “Reworking the Colonial-Era Indian Peril: Myanmar's State-Directed Persecution of Rohingyas and Other Muslims” (The Brown Journal of World Affairs, Fall/Winter 2017/18). As a student in the US, Zarni founded and led the Free Burma Coalition (1995-2004). Zarni has…
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