Press release – Open Letter To British Secretary Of State For Northern Ireland

Open Letter To British Secretary Of State For Northern Ireland Mr Owen Patterson

Dear Mr.Paterson,

I write to you regarding the continued immoral and illegal internment of Marian Price.   As you are well aware Marian has spent over fourteen months, in prison,  twelve of which were spent in forced isolation, and she is at present seriously ill and held under armed guard in an isolated hospital ward.

This treatment is cruel and inhumane and amounts to torture as the words of the UN Special Rapporteur   Juan Mendez on torture states:  “indefinite and prolonged solitary confinement in  excess of 15 days should be subject to an absolute prohibition”.

The illegal detention of Marian Price for political offences committed nearly forty years ago, and for which she was pardoned, is a  serious violation of her human rights,a  blank disregard for due process  and a violation of our  ‘the Good Friday Agreement’.

Unanimous medical opinions confirm Marian Price is unable to participate in any legal Proceedings due to her rapidly deteriorating  health and as this is the case, and also in the interests of truth and justice, I write to request that this seriously ill women be released immediately to her family.

Yours sincerely,

Mairead Maguire

13th August, 2012