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The Gandhian law of varnas/spherons is the law of overcoming confrontation and humanity survival. Why is it tabooed, hushed up and suppressed for almost a century? Who will support its scientific research, development and application during 16 years in the GGHA for the “total elimination of nuclear weapons” and the preservation of nature? Since the publication of books and articles on this topic is also blocked, who will publish this GGHA collective article to begin with it?

On the day of the 152nd anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi birth, we will not focus on the well-deserved praise of his undoubtedly the humanity highest peacemaking achievement – on the non-violent historical liberation of India from British slavery. We also will not focus on the growing demonization of Gandhi, on the dirty stream of falsification of his life certain moments, on false, repeatedly refuted, his groundless accusations in all mortal sins from racism to pedophilia. These aspects have been investigated in sufficient detail by the GGHA (Gandhian Global Harmony Association) international humanities team from more than 50 countries during 16 years of its scientific peacemaking work and are presented in a number of publications on the GGHA website “Peace from the Spherons Harmony” [1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9].

Therefore, in this GGHA generalizing article, we will focus only on the forgotten greatest scientific discovery of Gandhi – the discovery of the “law of varnas/spherons” as the only law of human survival. From intuitive, logically unsystematic and scattered brilliant texts of Gandhi, dedicated to the paradigmatic structural “law of varnas/spherons” over more than 20 years of his life, starting with its known to us, its definition in the newspaper “Young India” in 1927, we will compose a mosaic of key fragments of this fundamental sociological and humanitarian law below.

(The underlining is our: Leo Semashko)

“Varna* [spherons**] is not a human invention, but an immutable law of nature – the statement of [genetic] tendency that is ever present and at work like Newton’s law of gravitation. Just as the law of gravitation existed even before it was discovered, so did the law of varna [spherons]. Varna is the law of life universally governing the human family

            The Rishis [Vedic sages of ancient India about 4 thousand years ago] after incessant experiment and research arrived at this fourfold division [classes, estates, clusters by employment, they are the ancient four spherons], that of teaching, of defending, of wealth-producing, and of manual service

            Nonviolence [of the varnas/spherons] is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest [nuclear] weapon of destruction. Nonviolence is not the inheritance of cowardice, it is always heroism

Varna [spherons] reveals the law of one’s being and the idea of superiority or inferiority is wholly repugnant to it. All varnas [spherons] are equal, for the community depends no less on one than on another. Varna [spherons] ordains that every one shall fulfill the law of [equality] one’s being. The law of varna is the antithesis of competition [inequalities], which kills. It ensures  the  fairest [equal] possible  distribution  of  wealth [between the spherons]

It was given to the Hindus to discover that law [of the varnas/spherons]. Hindus by their discovery of this irresistible social tendency have been able to achieve in the spiritual field what no other nation in the world has achieved. Varnashrama, as I interpret it, satisfies the religious, social and economic needs of a community. Observance of the law obviates social evils and entirely prevents the killing economic competition. Fulfillment  of  the  law would  make  life  livable, would spread peace and content, end all clashes and conflicts, put an end to starvation  and  pauperization,  solve  the  problem  of population  and  even  end disease and suffering.

Varna [spherons] is no man-made institution but the law of life universally governing the human family.  Though  the  law  of  varna [spherons] is  a  special  discovery  of  some  Hindu  seer,  it  has universal application. It ought to have universal application. That is how I look at the law of varna [spherons]. The world may ignore it today [out of ignorance] but it will have to accept it in the time to come. This is the law of our being.

            Varna [spherons] has nothing to do with caste. Down with the monster of caste that masquerades in the guise of varna [spherons]. It is this [caste] travesty of varna [spherons] that has degraded Hinduism and India. Our failure to follow the law of varna [spherons] is largely responsible both for our economic and spiritual ruin. It is one cause of unemployment and impoverishment, and it is responsible for untouchability and defections from our faith. Today varna means gradation of high and low. It is a hideous travesty of the original. We have distorted it today and have made ourselves the laughing-stock of the world. Therefore, when people in disregard of the [varnas/spherons] law it leads to confusion of varna and ultimate disruption of society. Today, nations are living in ignorance and breach of that law and they are suffering for it.

There is no other God than Truth and the only means for the realization of Truth is Ahimsa [nonviolence of varnas/spherons]. My strivings after Ahimsa have still been imperfect and inadequate. The little fleeting glimpses, therefore, that I have been able to have of Truth can hardly convey an idea of the indescribable lustre of Truth, a million times more intense than that of the sun we daily see with our eyes. In fact what I have caught is only the faintest glimmer of that mighty effulgence [of the varnas/spherons nonviolence]. But this much I can say with assurance, as a result of all my experiments, that a perfect vision of Truth can only follow a complete realization of Ahimsa [nonviolence of varnas/spherons]. God [varnas/spherons] can never be realized by one who is not pure of heart. Self-purification  therefore  must  mean  purification  in  all  the  walks  of  life [in all spheres of life and all the spherons employed in them].“[10]

* Varnas are equal groups, “ranks” of the population of ancient India, employed in four spheres of its social production, therefore, constituting its historical spherons.

** Spherons are substantially invariant groups/classes of the humanity population, attributively identical to varnas, but covering all people, not only ancient India, historical societies and differing in employment in one of the four spheres of social production. Therefore, varnas are culturally unique spherons of ancient India, and spherons are universal varnas of humanity as a whole about that Mahatma Gandhi writes especially and distinguishes them. In connection with the indicated ambivalence of this law, it is terminologically expressed either as the “law of varnas/spherons”, or simply as the modern “spherons law”. The social universality of spherons covering all of humanity is proved by world statistics in the GHA book “Gandhica” [4].

The presented mosaic picture of the macrosociological “Newtonian law of varnas/spherons” of humanity, in fact, contains a program for its survival, its new vision and thinking, formulated almost a century ago but remaining scientifically incomprehensible, unused and taboo for it until now. It raises two fundamental questions: 1. What is the social significance of the varnas/spherons Gandhian picture and 2. Why is it tabooed and ignored for almost a century in solving humanity global problems, primarily in solving the problem of “total elimination of nuclear weapons” (this is the UN definition of the corresponding international day on September 26), ensuring its survival? We will answer these questions here very briefly, thesis, since a detailed answer is given by the GGHA sources indicated in the bibliography. Therefore, we do not repeat them here.

 1. “Newtonian law of varnas/spherons” is the fundamental law of survival and life of humanity. As without Newton’s physical law of universal gravitation life is impossible for the universe and the solar system, which crumble into cosmic dust without it, and also without the “Newtonian” macrosociological law of varnas/spherons (hereinafter simply the “spherons law”), i.e. without the law of the only actors, creators of the social universe, the humanity existence is impossible. Any society of people without it crumbles like a house of cards, is unable to arise and exist. This law contains, in an intuitive and compressed, laconic form at Gandhi, a new scientific, holistic, socially philosophical vision of the humanity genesis and its structural, societal genetic actors throughout history. It brings humanity to the highest level of scientific holistic self-knowledge, to the level of fundamental large-scale humanitarian comprehension of social nature as a whole, integrating in a synergetic unity all the partial, disciplinary scientific achievements in this area in the past.

Four spherons, engaged in four spheres of social production, continuously creating four necessary and sufficient resources (PIOT: people, information, organizations, things) for the life of each person and humanity as a whole, are themselves necessary and sufficient for any society existence. The absence of any of them deprives society and people of an appropriate, necessary and sufficient resources/product and, therefore, makes their life impossible. Mutual love, non-violence, peace, harmony, partnership become the spherons’ law relationship. Every sane person who understands that every second of his life completely depends on the necessary resources (energy, heat, water, housing, food, medicines, info, communication, movement, people, order, etc.) produced by other people, spherons, cannot but love them and whole society, cannot but appreciate them and be ungrateful to them. The existence of each individual is possible only within four spherons and in one or another of its historically limited and transient parts (partons) of various kinds. Thus, the spherons social love and the attributes and values ​​derived from it constitute their highest existential law.

Therefore, spherons exclude among themselves hatred, violence, war, domination and confrontation that arise between their separate parts (between sectoral, national, political and similar partons), which give rise to the inevitable pathology and disharmony of society, the unrestrained growth of which puts it “on the abyss edge“(according to the UN SG) destruction and inevitably lead it to death, collapse, ultimately. In this regard, only conscious spherons, in all their parts/partons, who have mastered the social law of their existence, are able to provide a nonviolent solution to all problems of humanity, its survival and an endless future life in the sustainable development and prosperity of all nations. There are no social laws exist higher than this law, which determines the humanity life as a whole, at all its levels from the individual to the noosphere.

Therefore, the discovery of this law, the systemic scientific research of which began in the international GGHA during 16 years with the creation of the “Global Peace Science of Spherons” [3], briefly called “Spheronics” [9], is the Copernican scientific revolution of all socio-humanitarian knowledge and thinking in all its disciplines.  It is fundamental breakthrough to the humanity unknown yet height of intellectual progress and “a substantially new manner of thinking” as defined by Einstein.

If this is so, then why is humanity still tabooing it for almost a century, unable to scientifically understand it and create an appropriate holistic socio-humanitarian science (Megascience) in order to use it in solving all global problems, first of all, “total elimination of nuclear weapons“, on which does the decision of all others depend, starting with the ecological one?

2. The fundamental macrosociological Gandhian spherons law turned out to be taboo for almost a century, closed and inaccessible for knowledge and application from two sides, between two fires, between a rock and a hard place and between Scylla and Charybdis of two clusters of scientific knowledge: between natural science (physics) and socio-humanitarian (“lyrics”) one.

On the one hand, between the incompetence of physicists in the social nature of the “total elimination of nuclear weapons” and other global problems, including the environmental one. These are social problems that can be solved only from the standpoint of social science, of course, with the participation and help of physicists, not without them. They were able to grasp the humanity mortal danger of nuclear weapons, beginning with the great Russell-Einstein Manifesto (1955) and its followers, the Pugwash Physicists’ Movement, which made an outstanding contribution to the preparation and approval of fundamental international acts in the field of disarmament and control over weapons. Moreover, in the development of broad international scientific cooperation, emphasizing its unwavering commitment to an exclusively scientific approach to finding ways to solve the humanity global problems [11; 12].

But for more than 65 years after their Manifesto, physicists have not yet been able to propose any scientific project for the “total elimination of nuclear weapons“, because their scientific approach is limited and unable to offer a scientific overcoming of its social source – confrontation. It gives rise to hatred, enmity, violence, war, militarism and an arms race, including the nuclear arms race. They are well aware of it, but its solution is beyond their competence – in the field of social science. Therefore, the deadly genocidal trend of the nuclear arms race for 76 years not only did not diminish but even more aggravated, prolonged by trillions of budget funding for many decades to come and put humanity “on the brink of a nuclear abyss,” as the UN SG said on September 21, 2021. Physicists were powerless to resist this suicidal trend of humanity [13].

On the other hand, this defining macrosociological spherons law turned out to be inaccessible to marginal social knowledge due to the sectoral limitations and fragmentation of its partial disciplines, its age-old depression, ideological blinkering and weakness that does not allow mastering the holistic social nature of the spherons law, its fundamental role and global scale. The backwardness of social cognition led to a deep and tragic for humanity opposition between two clusters of cognition (physical and socio-humanitarian), to which the famous English writer and physicist of the last century, Charles Snow [14], drew attention in his great book “Two cultures and a scientific revolution” (1959). Unfortunately, this tragic opposition has not changed so far over the past more than 60 years and has escalated even more. It could be overcome by the Gandhian social “Newtonian law of spherons“, which could become a common denominator for “two cultures“, as well as a bridge of cooperation and mutual cognitive complementarity. But for both of them it turned out to be equally utopian, inaccessible, “too tough” for their thinking and taboo, albeit on various social and epistemological reasons.

The survival of humanity and its salvation from nuclear suicide is possible only in one case, when the total confrontation of many and different hostile camps of humanity will be overcome, both for political and religious, social, national and other reasons. Their constant exacerbation serves as a fundamental source and the generative cause of the arms race in general, especially the nuclear one. This fundamental systemic social problem can only be solved by an adequate socio-humanitarian science based on the Gandhian “Newtonian law of spherons” in cooperation with physicists. Only this scientific law offers a nonviolent overcoming of confrontation through universal recognition and practical implementation of the sociogenetic structure of spherons and their democratic power in a long-term conscious strategy of several generations, opening the “way to a new paradise” [11] and “the beginning of a new and triumphant era for all humanity.” [12] Without the recognition and conscious application of this law, with its further tabooing, this path will be closed to humanity forever, because it is impossible without it.

Humanity has no other way to survive and live, as soon as in peace, nonviolence, love, harmony and democracy of the Gandhian spherons discovered by Gandhi almost a century ago. On the other hand, it will never reach nonviolence, which everyone is talking about, but no one has a scientific understanding of its social source – spherons, no one knows their special, “soft” force of love, peace and harmony, no one understands how this nonphysical force can be “mightier than the mightiest [physical nuclear] weapons of destruction.” This fundamental scientific knowledge/understanding of spherons and their “greatest force of nonviolence” is provided only by the new, holistic socio-humanitarian science of spheronics, developed in the GGHA during 16 years. [9]

But it requires overcoming the opposition between two scientific cultures, which can be solved in two ways. The first is the development of socio-humanitarian science to the level of holistic spherons of humanity and their holistic MegaScience of spheronics, which began in the GGHA by 16 years of research on spherons [8]. The second is the collaboration of physicists and “lyricists” in the development of this science, in overcoming the opposition between the two scientific cultures on the common platform of the unifying scientific spherons law in the joint creation of a scientific long-term project of the “total elimination of nuclear weapons.” The “blind spot” of the gap between the two cultures can be overcome in the creation of a fundamentally new, international, independent “Humanitarian Academy of Spherons and Spheronics“, which, in the first historical approximation, has become the GGHA, which has long been offering a similar academy in different versions [01; 1; 2; 3; 4; 6; 7; 8; 9; 13].

But who will support its first step? Who will publish this article? Who will allocate its scanty funding of $ 100 thousand to start the scientific process of the Gandhian spherons law de-tabooing? Only on this path will humanity master the highest social “Newtonian law of spherons” as a source of “the greatest force of nonviolence, mightier than the mightiest [physical nuclear] weapons of destruction“, which was closed to it for almost a century.

The discovery of the defining macrosociological spherons law by Mahatma Gandhi makes him the greatest thinker and savior of humanity, who has no equal in human history. His intuitive discovery was raised over 16 years of international scientific research in the GGHA to the level of fundamental socio-humanitarian mega-science of spheronics, substantiated by all intellectual means: historical, logical, philosophical and statistical – by world statistics in its 10 books and 80 peacemaking projects [01; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 13]. As the birth of military science opened the beginning of a conscious militaristic civilization, so the discovery of the Gandhian law of spherons and the birth of the fundamental holistic science of spheronics opens the way for a new, conscious alternative nonviolent civilization of spherons in the 21st century. [ibid.]. What is the historical fate of this law and its science?

The fundamental law of global nonviolent spherons was implicitly excluded from the inception of world military science, since the publication of Adam von Bulow’s book “The Spirit of the Newest Military System” in 1799, which laid the foundation for a conscious militaristic civilization. This law is excluded by this civilization that flourished in the 20th century, during the life of Mahatma Gandhi. This law is taboo in all its forms: monarchical, colonial, communist, Nazi, democratic, terrorist, fundamentalist and the like. This law cannot be in the science and consciousness of this civilization, because it nonviolently, by intellectual “soft force” undermines its social foundation more mightily than any revolution and war.

Only on the verge of an obvious nuclear suicide and “on its abyss edge“, which is today recognized by the world community and expressed by the UN Secretary General, humanity and all its governments will be forced to look for a way out of it and turn to the spherons law and its science, spheronics. But this will happen only if they will be move by reason and the need to survive, if they will be listen to the Gandhian voice of fundamental scientific peacemaking and nonviolence, throwing away its age-old taboo. Only in this case, the historical victory and universal recognition of the spherons law and the spheronics science will become inevitable, because only the Newtonian law of spherons, which has no alternative in the social universe, can ensure the humanity survival. Otherwise, humanity expects only death from its own nuclear weapons in complete self-denial, self-destruction of the militaristic civilization, excluding any of its life bifurcations, including the spherons civilization based on the spherons law and its mega-science, mega-ideology and worldview of spheronics.

We can only hope that this saving Gandhian voice will finally be heard through the century by homo sapiens and this only chance of nonviolent, peaceful and harmonious survival will not escape him in order to preserve his life in an reasonable civilization.

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Dr. Leo Semashko,

GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President,

Three times was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Western scientists (2013, 2017, 2020):