NATO – The US dominated Global War Machine

Patrick Murphy’s column in the Irish News of l8/6/22 entitled ‘Pope’s comments may help avert global conflict’ are courageous and challenging.  Courageous in that Ireland (and most of Europe) are caught up in Russia phobia and war propaganda being peddled by our main stream media and military industrial complex.    Murphy quoted Pope Francis as saying that the war was ‘perhaps somehow either provoked or not prevented’.   I think this statement hints towards the elephant in the room (NATO/US endless expansion).   The US  Peace Council of 12th May, 2022 (  describe the Ukraine as a US Manufactured Conflict and  says ‘Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine could have been avoided if the US had not relentlessly provoked it.’  

NATO – the US dominated Global War Machine whose policy is ‘full dominance spectrum’ contrary to its claims NATO is not a defensive organization.  Its purpose has been to act as an instrument for US world domination and to prevent all challenges to US hegemony.  It should have been disbanded in l99l after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, but instead expanded into fifteen new countries and breaking its promise to ex-President Gorbachev, that it would not expand east.  This relentless eastward expansion of NATO during the past decade has been an existential threat to a nuclear armed Russia and the main cause of the present military conflict in Ukraine.  Russia’s military intervention into Ukraine should never have happened and the suffering inflicted upon the Ukrainian people (and Russian) has been horrific and it is right all those who have suffered so much should be helped.  However, sending arms into Ukraine only adds fuel to the fire. There are vested interests from western powers hard at work, and much money to be made. As it stands the west is bank- rolling the war with arms and billions in USD/euros, for their own agenda, these people will not shed a tear for the young dead of Ukraine.  Their aim is for a weakened Russian (through sanctions ) more military spending and a more divided and economically weak Europe, and as long as we continue not to question their role in Ukraine, they will succeed. There seems to be only one winner in this, and they are not in Europe.

Now is the time for dialogue and those western Political leaders who stoke the fire of fear, division, and hate in Ukraine, instead of calling for ceasefire and negotiation, most consider the misery brought upon the poor people that most live with the horrors of war

Ireland needs to protect its Neutrality and play a positive role of peace and reconciliation on the Security Council.  Opening Ireland increasingly to hosting arms manufacturers leaves its people vulnerable to becoming involved in war instead of peace.  Every person in Ireland needs to consider  what joining NATO would mean for them long-term and ask themselves ‘do we want to be part of future wars?‘ if Ireland’s neutrality is whittled away (as is happening with main stream media, establishment, etc.,) and with the prospects of joining NATO am I willing to see NATO missiles and nato bases in Ireland? and the possibility of our youth being dragged into Foreign wars at the behest of other countries vested interest. and 2%GDP being paid into NATO for arms?   Wars cost money and we pay for them in people’s lives.   USA/UK/EU money-printing results in inflation, higher prices, which we the people pay for through hidden tax/inflation.   NATO wars (Kosovar, afghan, Iraq, Libya, etc., were illegal, immoral and destroyed millions of civilians.  We must as people of conscience and compassion, act now to stop all wars.   Abolish NATO, lift the sanctions against Russia,STOP THE WARS everywhere.     Militaries must be abolished if there is to be HOPE for humanity.

Mairead Maguire