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MAIREAD MAGUIRE, NOBEL PEACE LAUREATE - PARTICIPANT ON BOARD ZAYTOUNA-OLIVA BOAT TO GAZA (Thursday 29th September, 2016 – Wed 5th October, 2016) Gives An Account Of Her Experience. A few weeks ago, the US Government agreed to give Israel $38 billion dollars, the largest military funding package the U.S. has given any Nation. This $38 billion in military and other type of Aid, will be used to imprison the Palestinians of Gaza, and continue Israel’s military occupation, and imposition of an apartheid state, upon the Palestinian people. This money will be used in the training fields of Israeli military which are in Gaza, where military experiments are done, using US military weaponry, by the Israeli Occupation Forces. The U.S. military and Government is complicit in the crimes against the people…
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Time to choose peace forgiveness and become friends

Israel/Palestine, Notices, Press Releases
My name is Mairead Maguire. I won the 1976 nobel peace prize for my work for peace in Northern Ireland . Our peace people movement started when my younger sister ann's three little children were killed in 1976 as a result of ethnic political violence and she subsequently died as a result of her injuries. I helped start this Peace People movement because as a pacifist i believe we should not hurt or kill each other, violence is always wrong and the alternatve of nonviolence does work. I passionately believe peace is possible between palestine and isreal and and in our world amongst the human family. that is why i am sailing to Gaza in the Zaytouna The Freedom Flotilla womens boat to Gaza. My friends on this journey of…
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