Time to choose peace forgiveness and become friends

My name is Mairead Maguire. I won the 1976 nobel peace prize for my work for peace in Northern Ireland . Our peace people movement started when my younger sister
ann’s three little children were killed in 1976 as a result of ethnic political violence and she subsequently died as a result of her injuries.

I helped start this Peace People movement because as a pacifist i believe we should not hurt or kill each other, violence is always wrong and the alternatve of nonviolence does work.

I passionately believe peace is possible between palestine and isreal and and in our world amongst the human family. that is why i am sailing to Gaza in the Zaytouna The Freedom Flotilla womens boat to Gaza. My friends on this journey of peace are 13 peace loving, courageous, women from many countries, which include –
USA,Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia, Spain, Sweden, Chile, ALGERIA, IRELAND, RUSSIA, UK, NORWAY.

They share my passion for Peace, Human rights,and freedom for the Palestinian people.

We sail to Gaza a Seven dAY, l000 mile journey, =because are love for all the suffering children is as deep as the mediterrean ocean on on which we sail. We want to hug them and tell them we love them and not to worry or be afraid because Allah God loves them, they are each beautiful and special in Gods eyes and ours.

As in Gaza so too around our worlld millions of children are suffering because of govtt policies of militarism,
and war and violence of armed struggles, etc. This cycle of escalating violence must be broken,least it spin out of control.

it is not too late, we can turn around from war to peace, from foes to friendship, from hate to forgivness and love, it is a choice. We are powerful each in our own way. we can, when we believe passionate in love , change to a nonkilling, nonviolent world.

Why do i believe such a world is possible, because on this littleboat, rocking gently under the sails, i feel loved and can only be in awe of the beauty of nature, and the magnificence and beauty of the human spirit in the women with whom i can say show love in their eyes and actions. as for all the other things, well i believe that life is indeed a beautiful profound mystery, in which all that matters is the depth of our compassion and love for each other and Mother earth.

I love you all. salam,peace,shalom….