World Beyond War Event

World Beyond War held an event in Washington, D.C., this past Saturday night. We showed a video, had speakers talk, and took questions from the audience. Such an event is very easy to produce. World Beyond War has great speakers all over the place, and can provide videos, prezis, powerpoints, talking points, and prizes for those who attend and make donations.

Events like this one spread the word, educate, and move people toward action. They can also fund World Beyond War’s larger efforts toward those same ends.

At Saturday’s event, we suggested a $15 donation but turned no one away. We offered buttons, scarves, and books to those making donations. We raised $985.

Most people cannot donate $985, but most people can organize an event that raises it. And we’d like to help you do so. People left the D.C. event energized and inspired. If we hold similar events in even a tiny fraction of the cities where people have signed the Declaration of Peace and begun participating, we’ll be able to fund our efforts to expand our work.

Open the link below for video highlights from Saturday.

Video Highlights

Here are resources and how to contact World Beyond War to get an event planned in your part of the world. We’d love to help you!


Please let us know if you’re interested. You can email us at:

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