The Afghan War – 200l-2021

17th August, 2021

Press release

‘The Afghan War – 200l-2021


Nothing can justify the illegal war carried out for the past twenty years, upon the people of Afghanistan by US/NATO forces.   During a Peace visit with an International Peace Delegation, in 2012, we witnessed in Kabul, the suffering of the Afghan people, at the hands of the Foreign occupation forces, by US drones etc.,

We also met people who had lost family, homes, and livelihoods,  at the hands of the Taliban.

Many countries, including Ireland, an allegedly neutral country,  have been complicit in this illegal conflict.  The Irish Government betrayed the Irish people by allowing US troops use of Shannon Airport, en route to Afghanistan and other wars started by NATO/USA in Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc., and   the direct deployment of over 200 Irish troops under NATO command to Afghanistan.    This military invasion  of the sovereign state of Afghan,  did not reflect the desire of the Irish people most of whom wished to  stand in solidarity with their Afghan brothers and sisters and solve their problems through peaceful means.

This weeks, USA/NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan which cost thousands of lives, and the USA Government spending of $2 trillion – little of which went to improve the lives of Afghan people, many of whom are hungry and homeless and living in poverty.   The Afghan Government has fled and the Taliban has taken over in Afghanistan.   The Taliban have said there will be an Amnesty and called on Afghans to help rebuild their country.   We hope the Taliban will cease all violence and work for peace for all the Afghan people.

 Our love, prayers and thoughts go out to the people of Afghanistan who have suffered so much.       We call on the international community to stand by the afghan people offering humanitarian assistance and a welcome especially to the refugees and asylum seekers.

God bless Afghanistan and its people. 


Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate