Press Release

Here we go Again !

As the USA and the UK prepare to sanction this new war in Iraq and Syria we
completely condemn this latest phase of militarism. The so called “Friends
of Syria” have helped create the Frankenstein of ISIL through their arming
and funding of “moderate rebels” in Syria. Even the New York Times question
the existence of “moderate Syrian Rebels”.
Should we really see this as a back door opportunity to attack the elected
Government of Syria wrapped up as some kind of liberation for the poor
people on the ground. Having failed in Iraq , Afghanistan and Syria the
“Masters of War” now use the new Twin track approach of attacks from the
air,coupled with their Proxy rebels on the ground. Boots on the ground are
seemingly acceptable as long as they are not US/NATO boots.
If we learn anything from our experience in N.Ireland we know that violence
simply delays a solution, which only come through protracted dialogue.
The “Coalition of the Willing” sounds like a plan, if that could become
“Willing to make Peace”.
No War – Know Peace

Gerry Grehan
Peace People