President Trump targeted assassinations breach of International Law

4th January, 2020

Trump’s ordered assassinations cruel and inhumane, and breach of International Law.

On 3rd January, 2020, Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, Iraqi militia leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, and up to top six others were assassinated by US military drone and missile attack at Baghdad airport.   The cruel assassinations were directly ordered by President Trump  and were illegal and immoral and a breach of international law.   

As this is such a serious action, which has already increased the fear of escalating  violence and potential for war against Iran.   The President has  also ordered  that a further 3,000 USA soldiers will be sent to Iraq (where USA has its largest of 800 bases in the world).  These soldiers will go through Shannon Airport on their way to Iraq.   If there is a war against Iran the Irish Government will be complicit in any war crimes committed by US forces in the Middle East.  

The Irish Government should uphold their Irish neutrality and refuse the use of Shannon Airport to the USA military.   

Maguire said:  ‘There are those who benefit from war, the militarists, the arms dealers, the corporate media/military industrial complex, but those who really pay for militarism and wars are the people and the tax of the poor.  The propaganda and lies of of war are being spread and this time the target is Iran, just like US/UK/NATO carried out wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc.,   Let us, the people, learn lessons from the past and unite and mobilize calling for no war against Iran, USA troops out of Shannon and out of Iraq, Yes to nonviolence, peace and dialogue.  Let the people unite together to stop war, remembering that there is power in truth and love is stronger than hate.’

Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate