On 2nd December, 2015 the United Kingdom Parliament voted to bomb Syria and the world watched as British planes, equipped with the latest bombs aptly named ‘Brimstone’ are dropped on Syrian targets and country. The excuse given for this madness of fear politics and war hysteria, is allegedly to stop Daesh (ISIL). Daesh is the name of Islamic fighters whose fundamentalist religious and political ideology allows for the killing and murder of opponents, and to date they have tragically murdered many people. These Islamic fundamentalist fighters do not represent true Islam or the Syrian people and its duly elected President Assad and Government,(7o% voted for their President ) currently trying to hold Syria together. These DAESH (ISIS) fighters are carrying out criminal acts and must of course be stopped by all legal means. But you cannot stop fire with fire, and bomb an ‘idea’ as for every bomb dropped another ten fighters will be created, as every act has it consequence, and violence begets violence.
The Syrian Government has not declared war on the UK or any outside Government, the question to be asked is ‘Why are the UK/NATO/USA Israel and the Coalition instead of working for a diplomatic peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis, putting their forces and energy into Regime Change in Syria? ‘We have already witnessed this madness of militarism and war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now it is the turn of Syria to get destroyed for Geo/Political power and domination in the Middle East.
Having returned from my third visit to Syria, the message from the Syrian people is, they do not want outside military interference in their country, they want through peace and reconciliation to stop all violence and build a just and peaceful Syria, and they are already doing this themselves.
The Grand Mufti of Syria, Dr.. Hassoun, has appealed to the UK and to the outside World (he has been refused visa by the British Government for five years now) He told our peace delegation to Syria in December ‘ People of Syria want peace, I am willing to come to London to the British Parliament and people , to go anywhere, to tell the true story of what is happening in Syria and to call for no war, but peace.’ Let the West give the real Peace Moderate voices of Syria a hearing and stop the War against Syria.In the meantime we can all do something for Peace for Syria and peace in the Middle East by saying NO to militarism and war, and yes to peace and a political solution to this crisis.