Moving Beyond Militarism: Nobel Women’s Initiative Releases 2013 Belfast Report

Over 100 individuals from more than twenty countries gathered in Belfast, Northern Ireland in May 2013 to hold a dialogue about women’s role in moving beyond militarism. The Nobel Women’s Initiative is pleased to announce the publication of our report from that conference, Moving Beyond Militarism: Women-Driven Solutions for a Nonviolent World.

Six Nobel Peace Laureates were joined by more than 80 influential activists, academics and decision-makers from across the globe whose work focuses on ending militarism and war with nonviolent strategies for peace.

Military budgets have increased over the past 20 years. Armed battles killed over 37 000 people worldwide which is more than four deaths every hour. This also means investments in health, education, environmental protection and other areas are neglected.

Hyper-militarization has consequences on peace processes all across the globe. The women who participated in the Belfast conference urged the world to move beyond militarization and invest in inclusive dialogues for peace.

Please read the report below: