Mairead Maguire Speaks out on the massacre of LGBTQI community members and latino community members in Orlando, USA

On behalf of myself and community of the peace people, I would like to express our deepest sympathy to the friends, families and neighbours of the victims in Orlando, USA. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers and we love you very much.
Also to our LGBTQI sisters and brothers and their families in Orlando, and around the world please know that you are all in our prayers and thoughts on these days of sadness and pain for your community.
Please know that people around the world are with you all – we grieve with you, we cry with you, we are truly sorry for your great loss. .
When 49 of your beloved, were murdered and 53 more were wounded in Orlando, USA on Sunday morning (12th june, 2016) it shocked the entire world. However we have been inspired by the reaction of families and friends calling us all to deepen our love and the call from the muslim, LGBTQI, and multi-faith communities to use ‘love as defiance’ gave us hope that Love not Hate is the most important force in our world today.
We join with you in giving thanks for the lives of every one of those who were killed and we pledge to remember them by increasing our love, compassion, and forgiveness in response to violence, homophobia, racism, islamophobia and war.
In loving memory of all who were killed, we pledge not to seek revenge or hatred, but to work for reconciliation and building peaceful ways of living together in all our diversity and plurality as the one human family sharing our one world equally together.