Mairead Maguire speaking at the DMZ Peace Walk in Dorasan Peace Park #WomenPeaceKorea

As the political situation on the Korean peninsula continues to shift. A New Era delegation with Women Cross DMZspent the day demonstrating for peace and women’s representation in the process. Our delegation of 30 women security experts and feminist peace activists from around the world participated in the second historic DMZ Peace Walk today in Paju, South Korea, alongside 1,200 South Korean women mobilizing for a peaceful resolution to the Korean conflict.

Watch the women “We walk in the hope that we can move closer to the re-unification of Korea”




The DMZ Peace Walk ended in Dorasan Peace Park with a Women’s Peace Walk Declaration reading and Peace Festival. Nobel peace laureate, Mairead Maguire, also spoke at the festival to highlight the power of civilian peacebuilders and call world leaders back to the negotiating table. #WomenPeaceKorea

“The time for peace has come. Peace can only come if the people build it. But peace also needs political leaders. So we call on Kim, Moon and Trump to sign a peace treaty for the people of Korea and for the world.” – Mairead Maguire.

Watch Mairead’s speech below:

Mairead Maguire Speech