Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate appeals to Shimon Perez and Israeli Government, to do the right thing and Free Vanunu…..

Today an Israeli court decided to keep Nuclear Whistleblower, Mordechai Vanunu under house arrest for giving an Israeli media interview. Vanunu’s appeal against house arrest in connection with this interview has been denied, and this is added to the unjust and inhuman treatment he has received for revealing in l986 that Israel was building nuclear bombs. He has served l8 years in prison, including eleven
In solitary and since release has been a virtual prisoner within Jerusalem, unable to leave the country, use internet, speak to journalists, foreigners, etc., all actions against international law as he is a prisoner of conscience.
Maguire said: ‘After 3l years of punishment, Mordechai should be allowed to leave Israel, he is no threat to Israeli security, and it is wrong of the Israeli gov., to continue to punish him in this way. Some years ago, after nominating vanunu for the Nobel Peace Prize, I met with Shimon Perez to personally ask for Mordechai’s freedom (and to ask Shimon Perez to sign the Nuclear Peace Treaty) but sadly he and the Israeli Go. refused to do so. I again appeal to Shimon Perez to do what he can to help secure Vanunu’s freedom, in the name of justice and what is right…’