Gaza In The Interest Of Humanity – “Stop This Insanity”

Press statement – Mairead Maguire calls 

“For peace an immediate ceasefire, dialogue and negotiations in Gaza.”

The Israel government is committing war crimes and genocide against the Palestinian people In Gaza. The Israeli government are breaking international law which prohibits the collective punishment of civilian populations.

Governments like the USA, United Kingdom who support Israeli governments genocidal policies must also be held legally responsible. These governments are supporting the deaths of Palestinians, many of which are children and the destruction of their land. All of this exacerbated by the US sending warships to support the Israeli’s siege of Gaza, with obscene bombing.  These war crimes have rightly shook all people in the world who value human rights, dignity, equality and freedom. 

International law is in danger of becoming irrelevant.  We need the rest of the world to be brave and speak out when government ignore law and choose to write their own rules.

Hamas was wrong to use violence against Israel as violence is always wrong and taking another’s life is never right. Before it is too late for humanity let us stop this madness of occupation militarism and war and start peace.

Peace to all
Mairead Maguire 
Nobel Peace Laureate