A letter from Nobel Laureate Mairead Maguire to President Biden. “Free Julian Assange & end the war on Yemen”

Mairead Maguire & other members of the Peace People delivered a letter to the U.S. Consulate General Belfast today. This letter was for President Joe Biden. The open letter is requesting the following:

1. Free Julian Assange

2. End the war on Yemen

Mairead Maguire and Ann Patterson today calling for the freedom of Julian Assange and end the war on Yemen.

Open Letter to President Joe Biden from Mairead Maguire – Nobel laureate.


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A letter from Nobel Laureate Mairead Maguire to President Biden. To address the following requests:

Dear Mr President

Please accept my congratulations and best wishes in your work as President.

I have two urgent requests to ask of you.

l)  Free Julian Assange.

Please do all you can to free Julian Assange and release him to let him go home to his family.

He has served long enough and his family long for his presence and his punishment to be ended.

2) Save the Children of Yemen.

Your Foreign Policy is causing death and starvation of thousands of Yemeni children as the ports are blocked and people cannot get food.  Do not let history record again that powerful Governments played politics with little children’s lives. I implore you Mr. President to stop immediately  with the UK Government the war on Yemini.  Please end the arms sales to Saudi Arabia and make peace.

Sadly more and more Yemeni children are being starved by warring parties whose blockades and bomb attacks have and continue to decimate their country.

Please learn from Northern Ireland, and solve this horror of war on Yemen, through dialogue.

Peace and Love

Mairead Maguire

Nobel Peace Laureate